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Amazing Pizza

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Amazing Pizza di Jakarta | Cari Tempat MakanPizza Enak Di Qraved
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Pizza dapat ditemukan hampir di semua negara di dunia. Hidangan yang bisa membuat pencintanya mabuk kepayang ini dapat disajikan casual sampai gourmet. Berikut hidangan pizza terbaik di Jakarta untuk Anda.


    •  La Vue Happy Ferdian 685035
    •  La Vue Ria Isnaeni 637395
    •  La Vue Ria Isnaeni 637394
    •  La Vue Sharima Umaya 628351
    La Vue Menteng Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
  • Established December 2002 in the popular Seminyak area of Bali, Trattoria has become known to ex pats, tourists and locals as the original home style Italian restaurant....
    Trattoria SCBD Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  MammaRosy Karina Marpaung 683021
    •  MammaRosy Steven Kim 674429
    •  MammaRosy Steven Kim 674428
    Whether you’re a member of the Italian mafia or simply someone who enjoys fresh pasta, the siren call of delicioso out of your mother’s kitchen is an offer you’ll never...
    MammaRosy Kemang Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Pizza Marzano Happy Ferdian 634634
    •  Pizza Marzano Karina Marpaung 618204
    •  Pizza Marzano Karina Marpaung 614009
    Pizza Marzano is changing into PizzaExpress. New look, New Name. Same beautiful Pizza.
    Pizza Marzano Senayan Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Patio Venue Muhammad Sodik 685480
    •  Patio Venue Karina Marpaung 683024
    •  Patio Venue Paulina Monika 667161
    •  Patio Venue Paulina Monika 667162
    Patio Venue Melawai Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Rosso Muhammad Sodik 680838
    • Rosso photo Shangri-La Hotel  228942
    When you enter Rosso's premise, you can definitely tell the passion is what makes Rosso stands above the rest. Chef Paolo Gionfriddo put his heart on his sleeves and to every...
    Rosso Sudirman Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Toscana Karina Marpaung 683022
    “Attracted by the rich culture and excellent food of Toscana,  Italian fifth largest region,  Mrs. Ellyta Soetantyo opened a fine Italian restaurant in Kemang,...
    Toscana Kemang Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    • Sopra Ristorante photo Street Gallery  271049
    • Sopra Ristorante photo Street Gallery  265044
    • Sopra Ristorante photo Street Gallery  217700
    Located in Pondok Indah, Sopra Ristorante has become famous for it's traditional Italian menu. Sopra Ristorante signature dishes includes Puttanesca and...
    Sopra Cafe Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Caffe Milano Happy Ferdian 687950
    •  Caffe Milano Della Medina 661998
    Caffe Milano Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Pizza E Birra Della Medina 668827
    Imagine that mouth watering, appetizing pizza served hot out of the oven. Accompany that with a really nice cold beer from our extensive range of beer brands, our signature...
    Pizza E Birra Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
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