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Waktu bersantai harus dijadikan agenda wajib, sepulang kantor ataupun saat weekend.  Kapanpun butuh waktu bersantai, langsung ajak orang tersayang ke daftar restoran paling relax di Jakarta.

Chillin Cafe

    •  Union Happy Ferdian 683977
    •  Union Happy Ferdian 683976
    •  Union Happy Ferdian 681857
    Under the trade name Union Brasserie Bakery and Bar, this establishment from the creators of Loewy is known as one of the hippest place to hang out. An afternoon high tea or a...
    Union Senayan Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Lalla Muhammad Sodik 685042
    •  Lalla Karina Marpaung 683714
    •  Lalla Sharima Umaya 643467
    •  Lalla Sharima Umaya 643466
    Lalla is the latin fusion sensation in town, we deliver share style culinary drawing influence from Americas fine produce.
    Lalla Gatot Subroto Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Havana Iqra Rabika 670094
    • Area duduk di lantai 1. Bisa di tutup untuk acara birthday Havana Shastri Darsono 667757
    • Band & DJ booth di lantai 1 Havana Shastri Darsono 667756
    • Smoking area di lantai 2 Havana Shastri Darsono 667755
    Havana Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Lewis & Carroll Della Medina 671240
    Lewis & Carroll Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Sisterfields Muhammad Sodik 674858
    •  Sisterfields Muhammad Sodik 674857
    •  Sisterfields Karina Marpaung 646370
    •  Sisterfields Happy Ferdian 645295
    Sisterfields represents the popular café culture of Australia, providing guests a love of premium food and great coffee, in a beautifully designed, indoor-outdoor...
    Sisterfields Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta Utara jakarta informasi
    •  Hause Rooftop Happy Ferdian 685034
    •  Hause Rooftop Muhammad Sodik 681002
    •  Hause Rooftop Della Medina 657403
    •  Hause Rooftop Della Medina 657402
    Hause is an oasis located in the middle of the bustling city of Jakarta. A secluded place where you can hang out and feel the breeze at an outdoor backyard while witnessing the...
    Hause Rooftop Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Mother Monster Iqra Rabika 666441
    •  Mother Monster Karina Marpaung 658999
    •  Mother Monster Karina Marpaung 658998
    •  Mother Monster Deasy Agustini 640315
    Mother Monster Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Greyhound Cafe Karina Marpaung 680377
    •  Greyhound Cafe Della Medina 679882
    •  Greyhound Cafe Deasy Lim 674347
    •  Greyhound Cafe Deasy Lim 674346
    Greyhound Cafe Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Piknik - Arif Inn Della Medina 657401
    Piknik - Arif Inn Lebak Bulus Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Lucky Cat Coffee Happy Ferdian 685884
    •  Lucky Cat Coffee Happy Ferdian 685599
    •  Lucky Cat Coffee Paulina Monika 673251
    •  Lucky Cat Coffee Paulina Monika 673250
    Lucky Cat Coffee Kuningan Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  BEAU Happy Ferdian 683980
    •  BEAU Happy Ferdian 683979
    •  BEAU Karina Marpaung 682059
    •  BEAU Della Medina 673996
    BEAU Senopati Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Pison Coffee Karina Marpaung 682064
    •  Pison Coffee Happy Ferdian 673697
    •  Pison Coffee Karina Marpaung 646373
    Pison Coffee Senopati Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Onthree Ody Kidos 588836
    Onthree Senopati Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Blue Jasmine Della Medina 686522
    •  Blue Jasmine Della Medina 686521
    •  Blue Jasmine Muhammad Sodik 685475
    •  Blue Jasmine Deasy Lim 678983
    Blue Jasmine provided Indo Orient cuisines. An authentic indonesian food with rich in flavor, and then Blue jasmine have it all! No doubt, the tastes from the food is obviously...
    Blue Jasmine Blok M Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
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