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Top Bakery Shop di Jakarta | Cari Bakery Shop Enak Di Qraved
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Dari roti, jajanan dan aneka cake lezat ala Indonesia atau internasional bisa kamu temukan di gerai-gerai bakery pilihan di Jakarta. Pas untuk menemani momen spesial Anda.


    •  Union Teddy Selig Jordanius 662697
    •  Union Teddy Selig Jordanius 662696
    •  Union Teddy Selig Jordanius 662695
    Union Senayan Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Paul Muhammad Sodik 683872
    •  Paul Happy Ferdian 673754
    •  Paul Happy Ferdian 673753
    Paul Bakery Is Now Open In Jakarta, Since December 2013. They Have A Whole Range Of French And European Bread Which Are Among The Best In Jakarta ! Same Thing For The Pastries...
    Paul SCBD Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Feb Tasty | IG: @febry_febrong 664923
    •  Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Feb Tasty | IG: @febry_febrong 664922
    •  Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Feb Tasty | IG: @febry_febrong 664921
    •  Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Feb Tasty | IG: @febry_febrong 664920
    French Artisan Bakers - Respectful of the French artisan baking tradition, Eric Kayser and his bakers, with their creative spirits and the best quality ingredients, make...
    Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Senayan Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Sophie Authentique Paulina Monika 673944
    •  Sophie Authentique Paulina Monika 673943
    •  Sophie Authentique Paulina Monika 673942
    •  Sophie Authentique Paulina Monika 673941
    Sophie Authentique is a french bakery serving delicious classic recipes.We also do online order for home delivery.
    Sophie Authentique Senopati Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Kempi Deli Della Medina 671242
    •  Kempi Deli Karina Marpaung 646631
    Kempi Deli is a fine-food delicatessen that showcases Hotel Indonesia Kempinski’s home-made products, including sausages, cold cuts and up to 30 types of authentic European...
    Kempi Deli Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Garcon Deasy Lim 667457
    •  Garcon Happy Ferdian 683918
    •  Garcon Teddy Selig Jordanius 668817
    •  Garcon Teddy Selig Jordanius 668816
    Located in Plaza Senayan, Garcon is so much more than your average mall restaurants. As the name suggests, Garcon is all about exploring the delights of youth. Well, in this...
    Garcon Senayan Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Exquise Patisserie Karina Marpaung 672030
    • Exquise Patisserie photo Menteng 212426
    • Exquise Patisserie photo Menteng 266366
    EXQUISE, inspired from the French word itself meant possessing qualities of unusual delicacy and fine craftsmanship, those are the essence of what we pursuit. Here in “...
    Exquise Patisserie Menteng Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  BEAU Happy Ferdian 683980
    •  BEAU Happy Ferdian 683979
    •  BEAU Karina Marpaung 682059
    •  BEAU Della Medina 673996
    BEAU Senopati Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Della Medina 671244
    •  Nomz Kitchen & Pastry David Handoko 670684
    •  Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Della Medina 663383
    •  Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Della Medina 657108
    Nomz Kitchen & Pastry serves modern comfort foods by Chef Arnold Poernomo & pastry by Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu. 
    Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  AMKC Atelier Regina  671729
    • Es Teler Cake AMKC Atelier Regina  671728
    • Spaghetti Carbonara - Pork Belly AMKC Atelier Regina  671727
    • AMKC Aglio Olio AMKC Atelier Regina  671726
    "AMKC Atelier stands for chef owners, Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta, reflects an utmost attention to boutique dining. Founded by the duo of culinary trendsetter and...
    AMKC Atelier Thamrin Jakarta Pusat jakarta informasi
    •  Pand'or Sharima Umaya 628512
    •  Pand'or Ganesha Wanda Simanjuntak 616064
    •  Pand'or Sintya Winarsih 613261
    •  Pand'or Sintya Winarsih 604498
    Pand'Or Restaurant Was Originally Named Pandora'S Restaurant Where It Was Founded In 1983. Pand'Or Is Serving High-End Asian, Japanese And European Cuisine, Using The Finest...
    Pand'or Melawai Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
    •  Bakerzin Karina Marpaung 665586
    Bakerzin Tebet Jakarta Selatan jakarta informasi
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